FIRST TWINS GAME YESTERDAY W NIKKI N NOELLE. Didn’t know I could fall in luv w a team this fast but omg the twins r some attractive winners. #mntwins #iloveyoujordanschafee


'the mask' ph by matthew kristall
2 yrs today and it still hasn’t sunk in. My mind plays the night over and over and I still think i’ll see you again sooner than later. Unfortunately we’re one less a great being. In another life, Aung. Until then rest in peace. đź’–

What is the Best Diet for Your Zodiac Sign?



Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Cancer dieters have a tendency to be emotional eaters. They prefer hearty, filling meals with warm soups and flavorful stews in the winter and light, refreshing salads in the summer.

Our suggestion: The Comfort Food Diet

This diet from Taste of Home magazine…

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